Monday, December 10, 2012

7 Days...

In 7 days, on December 17th, I am getting discharged from the hospital and finishing off my bed rest at home. In order to make that happen, a few things need to stay stable.

First, my water needs to stay in tact. If it breaks, then delivery is in the near future and no going home for me. Second, no more dilation. Last time I was checked, I was still 4 cm. I think I will request to be checked before I leave just to help avoid being discharged and then needing to be re-admitted shortly after. Lastly, no regular contractions. My contractions have really slowed down and they are only coming randomly now.

As long as I can stay stable, I am going home! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I am so looking forward to spending the holidays in the comfort of my own home. By then, it will be almost 10 weeks since I have been home, driven in a car, or slept in my own bed. I am so ready.

Last Friday Em returned from Idaho. Zack's parents were kind enough to take her for 10 whole days while he interviewed for residency in Baltimore, Albany, and two places in Chicago. 10 days was a long time and I missed her so much.

We reunited with lots of kisses, cuddles, and even made bracelets together. I can't wait until I can take care of her again, I just hate the feeling of being helpless.

Zack arrived back from his interviews late Saturday night and surprised me by showing up at my hospital room with a poinsettia and cinnamon bread in hand. It was so sweet, I almost cried.

We spent Sunday afternoon just the three of us. Pretty sure Em missed having us around. At one point all three of us were snuggled in my hospital bed and took an afternoon nap. It was squishy, but she didn't want to miss out on the fun.

On Saturday Zack will have his last Opthalmology interview. Thank goodness.


  1. I got to this blog through your other blog. I was on bedrest for 12 weeks before my twins were born, so I feel your pain and am always happy to see things are going well! Keep up the good work. I just thought I would send a quick note today because I am from Albany and now live in Baltimore (for fellowship). So if you end up east coast, it's a great city. :). Have a good holiday!

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