Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Great Escape

Since Zack and Em have been gone for the past 4 days, my alone time has become plentiful. One of the other bed rest moms suggested that we break out of our rooms together and sit at Starbucks and chat. I thought it was such a great idea.

At 8:00 pm on Friday night the nurses rolled us downstairs, out the front doors to see the Christmas lights, and then parked us at Starbucks. It was raining outside and felt amazing.

We were already in our jammies, but we didn't care, it was just so nice to get out of our rooms.

Today after church we met up again at Starbucks. We were able to recruit another bed rest mom too, and we all had a blast chatting away for about an hour.

I didn't realize how much I depend on Zack when he is around. I have missed him terribly since he left. He is the best at bringing me food, doing and putting away my laundry, rubbing my achy legs, cleaning my room, and playing games with me. He gets home at around 5:00 pm today and I can't wait. He really is the bomb.

Since I have had a lot of extra time on my hands, and an unfortunate constant headache, I've made an endless amount of baby hats.

I have really enjoyed making them but I think it is time to move on. Maybe I will try out a scarf or some dish clothes? Those always make great Christmas gifts.

Em comes back on Wednesday and I can't wait to kiss her face off. I also have another ultrasound this week to check on baby boys growth, all good things to look forward to.

I'm feeling much better about my bed rest situation now, I guess week 7 was just a tough one. From now on, only positive thoughts!


  1. How nice to get out even if it's just down to Starbucks- a change of scenery must be nice!

  2. I saw these and thought they were a pretty seasonal item and a new croche project for you...maybe a little prezzie for your favorite nurses/housekeeping friends and fellow mommies. Stay positive you baby grower you!!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love these! They would make the best nurse gifts, thanks so much for passing this on. I am definitely going to give them a try.



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