Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 52

Tomorrow is December 1st. It's funny to think that I did not leave the hospital grounds for the whole month of November. I wonder if I will miss this place when I leave here? Let's be honest, I doubt it.

My belly is growing nice and big. I know this is the case considering my nurses reactions after not seeing me for a couple of days. They always comment on my growth, which is a great thing around these parts.

 I am finally getting to experience some of the lovely side effects that accompany the third trimester. Some of those include: heartburn, itchy stretching skin, my belly button beginning to pop, using the bathroom 8(x) a night, reflux, and painful baby movements. Since my pregnancy with Emory ended so early, I never really got to feel her move much. It has been so fun to sit and watch my belly jump up and down. This little boy sure likes to move and I don't think that feeling will ever get old.

Emory is in Idaho right now and I miss her so much. I don't think any other visitor could make me as happy as she does.

She is very content to spend a couple hours a day in my hospital room, and fully understands that I will not be coming home until the baby comes. She constantly amazes me with her independence and her ability to adjust to the situation like it is no-big-deal.

My nights now include a whole bunch of contractions. It's getting really old. They usually start after dinner and continue on until midnight. They are not super painful but definitely make me uncomfortable and very nervous! Add a pounding headache to the mix and it's a party!

Megan & Max came to visit today. They are the best little visitors. Max is totally cool with just hanging out in my hospital room, he makes himself right at home by immediately taking off his shoes. It is the cutest.

Megan saved me today and bought me some more yarn. Since I've been spending way less time on the computer due to headaches, crocheting is my new best friend.

This week I figured out how to make a hat with ear flaps. I have made 4 hats in the last couple of days. Crocheting makes me feel productive because I always have something to show for it, and it is a mindless activity that gives my head a break.

I am slowly starting to hit my breaking point with this whole hospital bed rest gig. I think I've done pretty well making it to 7 weeks without going crazy, but I am definitely feeling ready to be done. I'm starting to get frustrated, grumpy, and just straight up annoyed. I potentially have 5 more weeks left, so I better get over these feelings real quick, because another 5 weeks is no walk in the park. 

I just want to be done.


  1. Dan, I am SO SORRY. I can't image how difficult this must be. It sounds awful! I will try and send you something else to pass the time. I'm sure it's hard with you're whole family gone. I'm so proud of all three of you. Em is so impressive with her attitude.

  2. YOu are amazing!!! i could not imagine being on bed rest in a hospital. you have great spirits. hope the next 5 weeks go by quickly for you

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